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Tuesday, 17 May 2016 15:31

Beauty Tips From A Japanese Actress

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Hi there!

I have been making a green smoothie every weekend as it’s always nice to start the morning with a super healthy drink! Recently, I started adding soya bean powder to my smoothie. It is called “kinako” in Japanese. (You can actually get 100% soya beans from Hokkaido at Daiso!)


As you might know, consuming soya bean encourages the growth of new skin and hair because it has many vegetable proteins.  It also has vitamin B1, B2, E, calcium, potassium and iron. The most amazing part is that the combination of amino acids is quite similar to animal protein, hence it is also known as a “steak from vegetable garden”.

Because the soya bean comes in powder form, it is easy to add it to your yogurt, mike shake, cereal etc.

Today, I would like to share some beauty tips from a Japanese actress, Koyuki. She is well-known as an actress in Japan but she is also the official brand representative of SK-II in Japan. You might recall seeing her in the Hollywood movie “The Last Samurai” with Tom Cruise back in 2003.

Credit: www.koyuki.jp/en & www.matome.naver.jp

Well, as the spokesperson of SK-II, I bet she uses SK-II cosmetics every day (as an ambassador, you’d probably get free cosmetics from the brand!). However these are other skincare tips that she has:

1. Add honey to your washing foam

Credit: http://ameblo.jp

Koyuki adds a bit of honey to her facial washing foam to make sure that moisture is locked in her skin after washing. Honey has a disinfecting function so it helps to cleanse your face as well!

2. Use Jojoba Oil to moisturise

Jojoba is a plant originally from South California, Arizona and Mexico (it grows especially well in desert areas).  Because of this crucial environment, the plant’s skin becomes very thick to protect the water level inside.

The best function of this oil is that it is suitable to any skin type and it doesn’t feel so sticky on the skin. It helps to soften your skin and creates suppleness. It also helps to improve cellulite and stretch marks. Koyuki applies this oil to her face and she sometimes even uses it to massage her scalp!

Credit: https://bijinbu.me

3. Use tissue to wipe your face after washing

What do you usually use to wipe yourself dry after taking shower? Most of us tend to use a bath towel or facial towel, but Koyuki uses tissue paper. Generally speaking, after washing your face, your skin becomes very sensitive and can easily feels itchy. In order not to stimulate your bare skin when it’s very sensitive, try using tissue paper or oil blotting paper to wipe oily parts of your face such as your nose. Blotting paper tends to remove unnecessary extra oil and leave the skin moisturised.

Credit: https://locari.jp

Hope these tips will come in useful during your beauty routine!



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Akiko Nishikawa

Akiko Nishikawa

Hello everyone, I am Akiko and I recently moved to Singapore

I was born and raised in Tokyo, but my mother is originally from Taiwan, thus my childhood environment was more focused on Asian countries as I often had to fly to Taiwan to see my grandparents when I was a child.

In Japan, I was known as a beauty freak among my friends. I love everything about cosmetics and beauty products because they can really change your world in many ways! For a start, I would like to introduce some of the latest trends in Japan, and I do hope this information will help shed more light on what goes on in Asia’s most central beauty industry – Tokyo!

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