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Friday, 01 April 2016 15:23

Health & Beauty Tips From A Japanese Supermodel

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Hello there!

It’s already April today. As always, time flies!

First and foremost, I have a special announcement - We will be having a special pop-up store in Takashimaya, Orchard from 11 to 24 April. The shop will be located in front of Cold Storage at level B2. There will be carefully-selected health and beauty products from Japan at the pop-up store.  Please visit us and feel free to consult with our beauty staff!

In relation to this upcoming event, we would like to focus on a Japanese Health and Wellness theme for the month.


To start with, I would like to introduce health and beauty tips from Japanese super model Jessica Michibata.

Model and actress  - Jessica Michibata
Credit: http://blog.livedoor.jp

She might be more famously known as the wife of F1 racer, Jenson Button. They married in 2015 with a beautiful wedding in Maui, however, it seems like their marriage is currently on the rocks… Anyway, I follow her on Facebook and Instagram as she provides a lot of useful information about health and beauty. In Japan, she is well-known as a supermodel and a beauty freak.

Here are some interesting tips she has provided:

Beauty Tip 1 - Coconut Oil

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/jessicamichibata

Jessica started the popularity boom of coconut oil in Japan. She uses coconut oil for pretty much everything, such as adding a spoonful of coconut oil to her morning coffee and applying it to her hair before going on a run so that it moisturises and treats her hair while she is exercising. To gain the best benefits, she recommends using non-processed virgin coconut oil. 

Beauty Tip 2 – RMS Beauty Cosmetics

Credit (top picture): https://www.instagram.com/jessicamichibata/

RMS is a cosmetics brand produced by a New York makeup artist named Rose Marie Swift – and Jessica is a big fan of the brand (so is Miranda Kerr, apparently). The products are made from coconuts oil ingredients so it won’t burden your skin after wearing all day long. I have also purchased and tried their concealer and powder. I especially like the powder as this one is also made from coconut and I can happily wear it all day and every day!

Beauty Tip 3 – Red lipstick

Although you don’t need to put so many make up, it makes you look pretty much nice!

Red lipstick can make ladies look more sexy and gorgeous without putting on heavy make-up… It was Jessica who brought back the red lipstick trend in Japan! If you don’t have enough time to touch-up your makeup, applying red lipstick can make your face more cheerful and gorgeous. In my opinion, it’s a definite must-have item in your makeup pouch.

Hope you’ll find these tips useful… Do look out for more interesting Japanese health and beauty articles during the month of April!





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Akiko Nishikawa

Akiko Nishikawa

Hello everyone, I am Akiko and I recently moved to Singapore

I was born and raised in Tokyo, but my mother is originally from Taiwan, thus my childhood environment was more focused on Asian countries as I often had to fly to Taiwan to see my grandparents when I was a child.

In Japan, I was known as a beauty freak among my friends. I love everything about cosmetics and beauty products because they can really change your world in many ways! For a start, I would like to introduce some of the latest trends in Japan, and I do hope this information will help shed more light on what goes on in Asia’s most central beauty industry – Tokyo!

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