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Friday, 18 March 2016 12:44

A Special Day In Japan - White Day (14th March)

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Hello there!

It’s already the middle of March! In Japan, winter season is ending and spring is coming very soon. I really love this season because by the end of this month, we can see beautiful sakura (cherry blossoms) pretty much everywhere in Japan.

March is known as a special month for couples as well. We have a day called “White Day” which falls on the 14th of March. In order to explain what this day is, I need to explain what happens on 14th February (Valentine’s Day) in Japan. On Valentine’s Day, it is tradition for ladies to give a box of chocolates to men and ask them out. (I am pretty sure this was started by some chocolate company a long time ago…) When 14th March rolls around, the men who were asked out on Valentine’s Day are supposed to give an answer to these ladies by returning a gift of white chocolates or candies.

Our culture is weird in the sense that it is mandatory to give chocolate to men around you, such as your male relatives, classmates and even colleagues – even if you do not like them. We refer to this practice as “chocolates for obligation”.

[Photo credit: tenjinsite.jp]

So many varieties of sweets!  A lot of sweet shops in Japan need to prepare the special products for both February and March every year.

Here’s something interesting  - I heard that people in Korea celebrate 14th April as “Black Day”. This is for men and women who couldn’t become a couple after Valentine’s day and White day. On this day, they wear something black and eat black noodles and drink coffee…

[Photo Credit: matome.naver.jp & blogs.yahoo.co.jp]

On a healthier note, I would like to introduce a quick beauty spot at Takashimaya – it’s called “Acai Project” .

Acai is a fruit that looks like a blueberry and it is originally from Brazil. The seed inside the fruit takes up a lot of space thus only 5% of the fruit is edible. However, within this 5% there are many nutritious ingredients such as iron, calcium, polyphenol, vitamin B etc. Therefore, it is classified as a superfood.

At “Acai Project” shop, you can try this superfood – a cute-looking parfait topped with Acai!

You can also purchase the frozen Acai package and make your own smoothie by mixing them with banana and yogurt!  Try this beauty spot when you stop by Takashimaya in Orchard!

Note: In celebration of the “White Day” event this month, Beauty-Pati will be following up with more articles relating to love, beauty and wellness… Please stay tuned, ladies!



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Akiko Nishikawa

Akiko Nishikawa

Hello everyone, I am Akiko and I recently moved to Singapore

I was born and raised in Tokyo, but my mother is originally from Taiwan, thus my childhood environment was more focused on Asian countries as I often had to fly to Taiwan to see my grandparents when I was a child.

In Japan, I was known as a beauty freak among my friends. I love everything about cosmetics and beauty products because they can really change your world in many ways! For a start, I would like to introduce some of the latest trends in Japan, and I do hope this information will help shed more light on what goes on in Asia’s most central beauty industry – Tokyo!

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