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Hi there! I have been making a green smoothie every weekend as it’s always nice to start the morning with a super healthy drink! Recently, I started adding soya bean powder to my smoothie. It is calle…

Health Secrets of Japanese Girls

April 15 2016 | 15:31:25
Hi there! Beauty Patisserie’s pop-up store has just started this week and it will run until 24 April at Takashimaya, level B2! We are showcasing and selling selected specialty beauty products from Jap…
Hello there! It’s already April today. As always, time flies! First and foremost, I have a special announcement - We will be having a special pop-up store in Takashimaya, Orchard from 11 to 24 April.…
Hello there! It’s already the middle of March! In Japan, winter season is ending and spring is coming very soon. I really love this season because by the end of this month, we can see beautiful sakura…

How To Choose Safe Cosmetics

February 19 2016 | 10:30:34
新年快乐! Hope all of you enjoyed your Chinese New Year celebrations. For the last couple of weeks, I had opportunities to travel back to Japan for both work and personal reasons. For work, I attended the…

Do Collagen Supplements Really Work?

January 8 2016 | 14:41:00
☆★☆★☆★Happy New Year!! ☆★☆★☆★ Hope all of you had a nice new year weekend and got to welcome 2016 with your family and friends! On New Year’s Eve, I celebrated with a very nice sushi at SUSHI TEI and…

Akiko Nishikawa

Akiko Nishikawa

Hello everyone, I am Akiko and I recently moved to Singapore

I was born and raised in Tokyo, but my mother is originally from Taiwan, thus my childhood environment was more focused on Asian countries as I often had to fly to Taiwan to see my grandparents when I was a child.

In Japan, I was known as a beauty freak among my friends. I love everything about cosmetics and beauty products because they can really change your world in many ways! For a start, I would like to introduce some of the latest trends in Japan, and I do hope this information will help shed more light on what goes on in Asia’s most central beauty industry – Tokyo!

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