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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 10:45

Advertorial: One Step Ready Solution for Ladies' Skin

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This All-In-One skin care product will free you from all the unnecessary hassle you face.

Majority of women have a busy schedule every day! Nevertheless, we are still very concern about our personal grooming as we have to put our make-up on every morning.We also feel guilty for not taking the required steps in maintaining our skin by applying the necessary skin-care products before going to bed. Additionally, we have a desire to maintain our skin’s natural beauty but there are plenty of steps to take and it is very expensive to do. Besides, we believe there are many other women who feel the same too!

Are we actually taking care of our skin or hurting them?

Did you know Fact: One of main causes of skin problems is touching your skin too often?

If you apply everyday skincare onto your skin, you may scratch or scrape the first layer of your skin byaccident thus reducing the barrier function of the skin.Eventually, you might end up having dry or sensitive skin.

It is so depressing to know that we actually damage our skin by applying lotion, essence and cream right after removing my make-up!

The quality of your skin layerwhich is only 0.02 mm can change how you look!

*The dots are the damaged skin layer 

Everyone aspiresto look younger and keep our skin beautiful regardless ofhow old we actually are. As such, what should we do to our skin? 

The appearance of your skin’s age is determined by the skin’s first layer (known as stratum corneum) which is only 0.02mm. In order to stay youthful, we have to ensure that our skin is moisturized without damaging it. The finer the layers’ texture, the more light it can catch which is reflected on it. As such, the skin looks radiant and transparent.

There is a high demand for All-In-One skin care products for busy women who would like to stay youthful!

In Japan, All-in-One skin care which is a combination of all the functions of lotion, beauty essence, cream, eye cream and sleeping pack into one bottle is a big hit!.

No matter how hectic the lifestyle you lead, you are able to achieve the youthful looking skin through this single product. You can do so by dramatically reducing the number of rubs on your skin and no need to spend on various kinds of cosmetics which saves you money and time!

Amongst the variety of All-in-One gels in the market, Mediplus-Gel contains 62 kinds of cosmetic ingredients as it excels in moisturizing, whitening and providing anti-aging effect. It can also be used sanitarily till the last drop. In just a few years, it has already managed to sell 6 million bottles!

Our regular customer have managed to attain ageless skin!

This is Ms. Tsuchiya, who has been using Mediplus-Gel for 7 years. At 54 Years Old, it’s a miracle to have such a youthful-looking skin!

 These products are safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin as they are sold in many clinics across Japan.

Mediplus-Gel, has been featured as a hot topic in numerous Japanese media.

Mediplus-Gel has been selected and featured in 408 magazines. It was chosen by 38 celebrities in Japan as the favorite skin care product!

The lists of Japanese magazines include: an.an, Story, Sweet, Lee, Very, Glow, ar, Lips, Spring, GINGER, InRed, With etc.

It has also received plenty of rave reviews and commentsfrom theNo.1 review website in Japan.

Reviews from @cosmeon Mediplus-Gel:

@cosme is the largest cosmetic review site in Japan. To date, Mediplushas received 1,173 positive reviewsas of 20th of September 2016.


Mediplus-Gel  News

Company : Mediplus

Number of Products Registered: 20

Reviews: 1173

Number of people reached: 13,543

It is highly rated not only in Japan, but in Taiwan as well.

This is a survey of the reviews for Mediplus-Gel

Very good 52%

Good 46%

Average  2%

Not good 0%

Very bad 0% 

This highly sought-after product from Japan can be purchased through Singapore’s Online Store.

For further information, please visit Mediplus-Gel’s Singapore Official EC site below.



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