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Thursday, 09 June 2016 13:07

Advertorial: Learn Makeup From A Japanese Expert

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A makeup artist originally from Kobe in Japan, Mawaki Yamamoto is Beauty Patisserie’s resident makeup expert. Although he has lived in countries such as Paris, Monaco and Sydney, he is now based in Singapore.

Mawaki specialises in makeup for weddings, commercial shoots and celebrities. Most notably, Mawaki did the makeup for Ms Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), known for its annual Academy Awards (Oscars). She visited Singapore in December 2015 to attend the Singapore International Film Festival 2015.

Even with his busy schedule, Mawaki managed to set up his makeup school recently to share his skills with others! “I wish to spread beauty tips from Japan to the rest of Asia and the world. Through makeup, people can be happy and it is my dream for that happiness to infect a lot of people! There will be a lot more happiness in the world if I can help people to prevent ageing and bring them peace instead”, he said.

While incorporating Japanese makeup techniques, Mawaki’s school also provides techniques that can correspond to a variety of make-up on the basis of Mawaki’s experience. They provide both professional and personal makeup courses.

Patricia was a recent student at Mawaki’s makeup school. We thank her for sharing her thoughts and feedback regarding her lessons with Mawaki.

How was your experience learning makeup from Mawaki?
Initially, I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to communicate due to the language barrier. However, Mawaki taught and demonstrated such that it didn’t turn out to be an issue. Mawaki was generous in allowing me to use his products to practise with. Also, notably, he was so kind as to trust an amateur like me to tag along while he worked; which was a great experience and exposure for me. 

How was it like to learn Japanese makeup techniques? 
I love how Japanese makeup is super natural yet amplifies beauty. Japanese makeup is my personal favourite among all the Asian styles.

I am sure you were a little anxious when you started as you were new to makeup, but how was the overall experience?
I had a lot of questions because makeup was foreign to me. Besides the basics, I had no experience, knowledge, nor techniques in the field. Mawaki, on the other hand, was extremely patient in entertaining my enquiries.

Did anything change after you mastered makeup?
I started to pay attention to makeup around me and realised the details. I grew to appreciate its difficulty.

How is it like to be able to make others happy and beautiful using makeup?
I love the satisfaction of accomplishment after helping to enhance a person’s beauty. I make it my goal to try to tell every client that, as proven with makeup, beauty, though highly sought after, is only skin deep. One’s outer appearance can be easily tweaked by makeup or surgery. It’s inner beauty that’s much more valuable, precious, and desirable.

To enquire on the makeup courses available, please visit http://www.mawakimakeup.com/#!course/c21jb.


Beauty-Pati readers who sign up for any makeup course at Mawaki’s makeup school will receive a free makeup starter kit worth $450 (while stock last)!

Just click here to fill in the contact form and enter the promo code “BEAUTYPATI-MAKEUP”.

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