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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 16:03

Join A Fasting Programme At A Health Centre

Written by  Mitsue Shimoda
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When we think of the word “fasting”, we often associate it with religion, however, undergoing a fasting programme at a health centre for the sake of health and beauty has recently started to become popular in Japan. The main reason that people do this is to reset their body and mind in a short time. Some people do it to lose weight, but its actual effects are detoxification; improving immunity, diet and even taste; anti-ageing and so much more. Nonetheless, if fasting is carried out the wrong way, the positive effects may be reversed and it may become a health hazard instead. It is best to go to a health centre and seek the advice of experts.


In Japan, there are health centres we can stay in for a few days (like a hotel) and take part in their fasting programmes. There are experts or doctors who check on our health and provide advice about our health and diet. Of course, they provide food and drinks based on our nutritional and situational requirements too. Furthermore, some health centres provide activities like spa, yoga, massage, horse riding, pool and more for you to join. In some cases, they will hold on to your money for you so that you will not be tempted to purchase any snacks to eat.


One such example of a Japanese health centre “五色県民健康村健康道場” recommends the following:

On the first day, you will undergo a medical check and start fasting. During fasting, you will drink a cup of special juice containing 100kcal three times a day and drink more than 2 litres of water to prevent hydro-extraction. Thereafter, the menu is increasingly changed from eating 600 kcal rice gruel to a normal meal with 1200kcal. You only need to spend 4 days - including 2 days of fasting - to see the effects. For best results, it is recommended that you take on the 11-day programme that includes 5.5 days of fasting.


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