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Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:34

How To Brew The Perfect Japanese Green Tea

Written by  Mitsue Shimoda
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Green tea is made from fresh leaves and spring is season of new green tea leaves in Japan. Statistics say that the average Japanese person drinks 2 or 3 cups of green tea every day and it is one of the health habits of the Japanese. Green tea leaves contains a variety of ingredients, but the tea is good for your health - thanks to catechin.


Catechin refers to the polyphenols contained in the green tea and it means the bitterness and astringency of the green tea. The effects of catechin is widely known, and clinical experiments have been made by various research institutes. Typical examples include lowering of cholesterol, diet effect, antibacterial action, anti-oxidation effect and so on. In particular, the anti-oxidation effect works to remove the active oxygen that causes cancer, ageing, as well as lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

Credit: Tourism Association of Shizuoka (静岡県観光協会)

Depending on the leaves, water temperature and brewing time, the taste of green tea can turn out completely different. While you are making green tea, it is best that you get used to checking the clock! In the meantime, here’s a simple way to brew delicious Japanese green tea:


1. Pour hot water to about 8/10 level of a tea cup. (servings of hot water is 90 milliliters)

2. Put the tea leaves in a teapot - 10g for 5 people.

3. Put the same hot water into the teapot (at this moment the hot water should be 90 ) and wait for 60 seconds while it brews.

4. Pour the tea slowly and evenly so that the teapot does not shake (it will cause the tea to become bitter). Every last drop of tea must be poured out.

After pouring the tea the temperature should be about 50 - 65 - the perfect temperature for a delicious cup of Japanese green tea!


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