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Monday, 21 March 2016 10:14

The Power of Love

Written by  Sam K
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When cupid’s arrow hits, there isn’t much one can do before they’re soon head over heels in love. Be it love at the prime of your life, or love in your twilight years, there is a sweet sentiment to feeling the touch and hearing the voice of your partner. However, while that “warm fuzzy feeling” makes you feel like the star of a late night romantic comedy, there are more tangible effects to being the apple of someone’s eye, and you would be surprised at how love can affect your beauty as well as your well being.

To begin, love involves a cocktail of various hormones and chemicals – these ranges from your familiar serotonin and dopamine, to lesser known ones like Vasopressin. These hormones are released at different stages and serves different functions for your relationship. Many of us may fondly remember sitting in class or in work and not being able to stop thinking about that special someone – that’s dopamine playing its part. Dopamine is responsible to the attraction you might have with someone and serotonin makes this feeling even stronger. Vasopressin strengthens the bond you share with someone when released, and this makes you feel more committed to your relationship.

Chemistry aside, there are more tangible aspects to being in love with someone, and for better or worse, your mind and body will definitely let you know that you are definitely in love. For your lifestyle, the one thing that’s most common with people who are in love is the feeling of invincibility – while love doesn’t necessarily makes you invincible (though it would certainly be awesome) love makes you feel like you can do just about anything. The most powerful cases of this feeling is being able to handle stress from your job, or handle big projects simply because you know that there is someone waiting for you back at home. In fact, many people acknowledge that they can achieve many amazing feats and goals because of a supportive loved one, and many prominent figures attribute their success to their spouses and loved ones.

Love also gives your encouragement to make more positive changes to your life. If you’ve always wanted to wake up early, do more exercises or even eat healthier, having someone by your side really does give you that extra boost of confidence to make these big changes, even if it means setting your alarm at 7 on a weekend, or signing up for beginner yoga classes. More often than not, you’ll find that your partner might even join you for some of these changes, so give it a go! Not only would you be making positive lifestyle changes, but you would also be strengthening your relationship by spending more time together.

Love also relieves stress, and the most obvious way to prove this is by hugging your loved one after a long day at school or work. A no-brainer, feeling a loved one’s arms around you automatically elevates your mood and gives you relief, at least temporarily. If you see your partner come home with a long face, go give them a big hug! You’ll see their mood instantly lift up.

Lifestyle changes aside, love also partially affects your beauty. But does love give you flawless skin or a perfect body? Not exactly, but love can reduce your stress levels, which helps in cell regeneration which ultimately leads to clearer and healthier skin. Having less stress also means better eating habits and less binge eating, which leads to a healthier and better looking body. More importantly, love does give you a very important ingredient for your beauty – confidence. Having a special partner tell you that you look great even when you’ve got panda eyes, messy hair and stress-related breakouts will do wonders to your self-confidence, and make you feel good about how you look – especially when you’re wearing sweat pants and look like you haven’t slept for days. So if you haven’t told your partner how amazing they look in a while, consider this a reminder to do so. Everyone could use a compliment once in a while – especially if it’s from someone they love.

However, with that said, there are negatives that stem from love, and these mostly will have to do with fights, a failed relationship or a relationship that had to suddenly end. While these instances are certainly painful and unfortunate, time will eventually heal everything, and should not deter you! When it comes to relationships, the happiness you get from being with the right person will always be worth the trouble of finding one.

So on the 14th of this month, Japan celebrated “white day”, which is a cool extension of the infamous Valentine’s Day. Girls give chocolates to guys on valentines, while guys give chocolates to girls on white day. Why not take this opportunity to spend some time eating chocolates with your special someone? And thank them for giving you clear skin along with a healthy dose of invincibility.

Happy White day!

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