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Tuesday, 01 March 2016 10:07

How To Look More Awake (Even If You’re Really Tired)

Written by  Cheryl Mah
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Whether you’re a student, working professional or a busy mum, there have probably been times when you had to burn the midnight oil to study, stayed late to work in the office work or be kept up at night by your kids. Even if you’ve not had enough sleep and still have to get up early the next day, the signs of tiredness sometimes show up on your face.

A lot of times - especially while at work - we are expected to present our best front so looking refreshed and alert is a must! Here are some foolproof tips to fake sleep and look more awake.


This is a sure-fire way to wake your body up. Exercising helps to pump blood around your body and gives you the energy you require to last the day. All you need is a short 15-minute workout session first thing in the morning.

A splash of ice water

Fill up a bowl with ice water and splash the water onto your face. Besides shocking you awake, the ice water helps to constrict the blood vessels on your face so you feel more invigorated. The result? A smooth, toned face. Additionally, carry a small facial mist in your handbag so you can freshen yourself throughout the day.

De-puff your eyes

Puffy eyes are a big tell-tale sign that you didn’t sleep well. When you awake, place two spoons in the freezer to chill for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that, place the rounded parts of the cold spoons over your eyelids for about 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can also place cold slices of cucumber over your eyes for the same amount of time.


Dry and taut skin makes you look more tired. Remove any bloating or puffiness from your face by lightly massaging a thick moisturiser into your face to hydrate your face. The light massage will help with blood circulation in your face and help you achieve a glowier complexion.

Drink enough water

Water helps to rid your body of toxins, digest your food better and add more radiance to your skin tone. Try to drink the required 8 glasses of water a day to feel hydrated and refreshed!

Put on makeup

Use a luminising foundation that will reflect light onto your face to make you look more radiant. Cover up your dark circles with a concealer and line your eyes with a white or nude pencil. Use a mascara if you can as it will not only volumise your lashes but open up your eyes too. Apply a light peach or pink blush to add colour to your cheeks, and wear a moisturising lip gloss!


Style your hair

As tempting as it may be, a tightly-pulled back ponytail merely emphasises your tired look. Brush your hair and apply a styling product to bring it back to life. If you still prefer to pull back your hair, add more volume all around it.

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