What are carbonated masks?

Carbonated masks (oxygenated masks) are cosmetic products with anti-aging properties that have incorporated the effects of carbonic acid, such as promoting blood circulation and boosting the skin’s metabolism. This gel contains a high concentration of carbon dioxide, and when applied to the skin, it works to address the causes of skin problems, and as a result, helps to restore the skin back to health and brings out a glowing firmness and lustre that comes from within.

Spaoxy gel is a high-quality product made for home care based on the carbonated masks used in aesthetic salons and clinics. This ensures that you will achieve the same effects from the export’s treatments.

Let’s take a closer look at
how the carbonated masks work.

When the carbonated mask is applied on the face, carbon dioxide from the mask will enter into the skin and cause the blood vessels to widen, thus promoting blood circulation (vasodilation effect). Also, when carbon dioxide binds with haemoglobin in the blood vessels, it detects a lack of oxygen in the skin and thus releases the oxygen in the haemoglobin. As a result, the supply of oxygen to the cells increases and oxygen is circulated to all areas of the skin (oxygen supply effect). In this way, it helps to speed up metabolism and leads to the normal turnover of the skin.

Carbonic acid is all-natural and harmless, and makes use of our body’s inherent system to bring about the root to beautiful skin. As such, carbon-based cosmetics are safe and widely used for its anti-aging properties.

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Do you face any of the following issues?

  • Concerns of noticeable pores
  • Concerns of blemishes and dull skin
  • Concerns of wrinkles and fine lines which are
    causing you to look older than your actual age
  • Saggy skin and smile lines
  • Dry skin
  • Desire for translucent skin

The cause for the above-mentioned issues is
due to an imbalance in
the skin’s turnover.

The cause of tired skin is
due to a turnover imbalance

Skin with normal turnover

Fine, healthy skin that is hydrated and firm.

Skin with turnover imbalance

When the turnover cycle becomes longer, it will lead to problems such as blemishes, dull skin, and dryness etc.

Our bodies and skin regenerate (also known as “turnover”) at a constant cycle. Various skin-related issues will appear with age, but the cause of various skin issues and tired-looking skin is due to an imbalance in turnover.

“Carbonic acid” skin regeneration
technology is also used in the medical field.
Carbonated masks are effective for
many skin-related issues.

Formulated with many beauty
Get beautiful and translucent skin
with the power of carbonic acid
permeating into the skin.

Royal jelly essence

  • Prevents blemishes, freckles and fine lines.
  • Anti-bacterial

Low molecular hyaluronic acid

  • More moisturising than normal high molecular hyaluronic acid

Gromwell root extract

  • Prevents skin disorders and acne.
  • Effective in preventing UV rays
  • Helps to promote a regeneration of the dermis, and is a component of external medicine used for skin conditions

Coix seed extract

  • Helps in skin regeneration, is anti-inflammatory, and has a calming effect

Licorice flavonoid

  • Brightening and absorbs UV rays.
    Active oxygen scavenging effect

Panax ginseng root extract

  • Promotes metabolism, blood circulation
  • Prevents skin disorders fine lines acne
  • More moisturising
  • anti-inflammatory.

Soybean extract

  • More moisturising
  • Brightening
  • anti-inflammatory
  • acne

Hydrolyzed yeast extract

  • Helps in skin regeneration
  • More moisturising

Rosa canina oil

  • Relaxing properties
  • Skin conditioning

Grape seed extract

  • Antioxidant

Effects of carbonic acid

1. Brightening, dullness-eliminating,
small-face effect

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Brightening effects of the carbonated mask have been reported by many: “Immediately after putting on the mask, my skin became brighter.” “No more dull skin, I have translucent skin now”

Carbon dioxide has the ability to widen blood vessels, and when carbonic acid from the carbonated mask penetrates the skin, it helps to promote blood circulation, eliminates the dullness and brightens up the skin. Also, improved blood circulation will aid in swelling, and help to achieve a small face effect.

2. Blackheads and widening of pores effect

With age, the amount of collagen and elastin produced will become insufficient, leaving the dermis layer hollow, and the pores are left widened as the epidermis is unable to tighten them.

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As the skin’s metabolism rate slows down, the longer the turnover cycle becomes. As a result, epidermal cells are not excreted and stay on the skin’s surface, which in turn becomes the cause for pore-related problems.

The biggest reason for the carbonated masks being so effective for pore-problems is that they aid in promoting blood circulation.
When the skin’s blood circulation improves and metabolism speeds up, it will lead to the regeneration of new skin.
When the turnover cycle is addressed and epidermal cells regenerate, the skin will naturally become more dewy and soft, and improve problems of noticeable pores that are uneven and dry.

3. Blemishes, dullness of skin effect

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The biggest factor that causes blemishes is “UV rays”.
A pigment called melanin is produced by the body to protect against UV rays and is excreted in the turnover process.
Applying the carbonated mask on the skin will help improve blood circulation and speed up turnover, restoring moisture and softness to the skin.
Also, if the dead skin containing old melanin is excreted, the skin will gradually regain translucency without blemishes and dullness.

  • Dissatisfied with the
    skincare you’ve tried.
  • Want to look beautiful for
    an upcoming event.
  • Special skincare regime to
    prepare for the wedding.

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*3sachets always Include cup and spatula

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*3sachets always Include cup and spatula

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*3sachets always Include cup and spatula


01How far should I mix the gel?
Put the gel and granulated powder into a cup and combine evenly with the spatula. Ensure that the mixture is mixed evenly before using. Please use the mixture when it is mixed evenly without any lumps of the gel and granules present.
02Which order should I use for the lotion, serum and mask?
We recommend using in this order: cleansing ▶︎ mask ▶︎ toner ▶︎ serum ▶︎ moisturising cream. Please moisturize enough after face pack.
03How often should I apply the mask?
Apply daily for the first week~10 days to regulate the metabolism (turnover). After that, 2 to 3 times weekly, and use it as a special care when you feel that it is necessary for your skin. Applying regularly will help to maintain the skin at an ideal condition.
04My skin became red while I was putting on the mask!
Carbonic acid promotes blood circulation, so there may be some temporary redness to the skin, however, if the redness does not go away, stop using and rinse off with warm water.

Carbonated mask derived from
the medical field

Story of its beginning

About 20 years ago, clinical doctor Masato Hiki was searching for better treatment methods and medications for patients who suffered from bedsores.

He discovered that carbonic acid treatment which has long been considered effective for wounds. After many years of research, Dr. Hiki applied carbonic acid treatment to develop a gel-like substance that can use carbon dioxide efficiently in the affected area. This gel-like product exerts great power for wound treatment.

One day, when he saw his face in the mirror at hone, an amazing fact came out.

His right cheek was radiant and firm. This was because it is something that is actually used as a treatment for the patient, as a developer he had applied the gel on only one side of his cheek in order to test its usability.

This scientific beautifying effect resulted in the birth of the first carbonated mask as a cosmetic product.

Dr. Medion is the pioneer of carbonated masks.
It has been patented in many countries.

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*3sachets always Include cup and spatula

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*3sachets always Include cup and spatula

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*3sachets always Include cup and spatula