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Tuesday, 13 October 2015 14:55

Jazz Up Your Makeup Routine: Change Your Eyebrows!

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Hello there!

It is now fall season in Japan. Usually around this time, I used to spend my weekends and holidays in the mountain watching all the beautiful falling leaves. They are so colourful and peaceful. It is so relaxing to get to enjoy a quiet moment and beautiful scenery.

Back in Singapore, it seems like the rainy season is about to start – I sincerely hope it does soon as the haze is coming back again! Since it’s already past the biggest event in Singapore (SG50 National Day celebration), I have started gearing up for Christmas season. With this, I would like to share with you some easy tips as to how you can jazz up your daily makeup routine!

Can you tell the difference among these photos? Although it may be a little tricky to gauge as they were taken during different times, you might have noticed that the shape of my eyebrows in the 3rd picture is different. In general, we tend to focus on eye makeup such as applying eyeshadow, drawing eyeliner and putting on mascara etc. However, it is said that 70% of your facial impression is determined by the shape of your eyebrows as they are one of the most important factors in creating your facial impression!

If you have been getting bored by your daily makeup, why not try experimenting with different types of eyebrows? Here is the basic impression of each eyebrow shape:

Natural Shape
Looks very natural and matches the contours of your face.

Photo Credit: xbrand.yahoo.co.jp

Straight Shape
Makes you look elegant and intellectual.

Photo Credit: xbrand.yahoo.co.jp

Curved Shape
Looks very feminine and active.

Photo Credit: yaplog.jp/sutahorariho

You can also use eyebrow mascara to change the colour of your eyebrows. This way, it’s quick and easy to change your facial impression! 

Photo Credit: yukikohirai.com

Perhaps this Sunday night when you are starting to feel a bit of the Monday blues, you can distract yourself by thinking of how you can change your look in the coming week, starting with your eyebrows!

Akiko xoxo

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