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Friday, 11 September 2015 11:48

An Easy Way To Detox

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Hello there!

Short term fasting has started gaining popularity and become commonplace in Japan recently. The fasting is done over the weekend or on one day. While fasting, you are not supposed to eat anything although you can still drink water and fresh vegetable juice.

Why fast?

What kind of benefits can we reap from fasting? Other than doing it to shed kilos, fasting can also help to clean up and detox our body. In our daily lives, we may get exposed to hazardous substances and chemical materials through air pollution, food and water etc. Through detoxification, the cycle of skin regeneration is improved and our blood also gets cleaned up.

How does fasting actually work?

Once our body stops obtaining nutrition, it starts burning up fats to generate energy. As a result, the unclean substances that are stored in your body gets released to your blood stream, and eventually gets flushed out of your body. 

Giving your stomach a much-needed rest

An additional benefit that you can gain from fasting is that you can let your stomach take a break. When your stomach is digesting food, they use a huge portion of enzymes to do so - read my previous article “Boost Your Health With A Green Smoothie” to find out why enzymes are so important.

If your body has to use up so many enzymes to keep on digesting food, there will not be enough of it to carry out other functions such as carrying necessary nutrition to your organs and discharging unnecessary substances from your body.

Just look at wild animals as an example. They do not eat extra food; they only hunt and kill to eat when they feel hungry. They instinctively know that they need to use up their enzymes to recover their body, hence they don’t eat more than required.


Because of this, it’s a good idea to give your stomach a well-deserved rest from carrying out heavy digestive duties and let it recover. If you do this, it will be able to work better to obtain the necessary you require for good health!



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