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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 14:04

Jill Stuart Beauty – Beyond Sweet Hues & Pretty Packaging

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Why we love Jill Stuart’s makeup

Don’t you just feel vexed with that giant blusher brush in your cramped makeup pouch? Do you sometimes forget to pack your brush for a quick touch up of your cheek color? Or do you simply abhor that tiny brush in your blusher compact that feels prickly to your skin and makes harsh streaks of color across your cheekbones?

We shared the same annoyance till we discovered Jill Stuart Beauty Layer Blusher Compact with an attached, retractable, matching blusher brush. It was this one product that led us to test and try almost everything in that dreamy beauty counter in Hong Kong. Since then, like many in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, we are converts of their popular makeup collection.

Layer Blush Compact (S$71.90 for 4.2g)

Did we mention the neat way this blush compact has a retractable brush attached to it? No more welding a mini stiff-bristle brush, or stuffing a large one into your makeup pouch. What’s better? This chained brush is retractable, which means you have a cleaner pouch and a more hygienic brush for coloring your cheeks. We’re always uneasy about using that uncovered brush which has been “mingling” with the other things and powders in our makeup pouch.

With many sweet pinks and radiant oranges to choose from, each blush compact features 4 carefully chosen hues to complement your cheeks. To exude a healthy glow, use the top left prism (the lightest color in the compact) on the highest point of our cheek. After that, color the apples of your cheeks with a swift swipe of blush from the remaining 3 prisms (from top right and in a clockwise direction). Having tried 4 different blush compacts in both pinks and oranges, Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compacts brighten the face with their luminous color blends and stay on long with its soufflé-like texture.

Lasting Gel Eyeliner N (S$48 for 3g)

Can’t live without your eyeliner? We can’t as well. And we get miffed when our pots of eyeliner dry up before we can even see bottom.

You will also be familiar with eyeliner pens pulling your precious eyelids as you try to coax what’s-left-inside to draw “wing lines” for the cat’s eyes look, only to get them crooked and jagged.

This eyeliner pot (pictured on right) is smooth, waterproof and long-lasting. A dab into its velvety gel with an eyeliner brush makes drawing our eyes so easy. You have more control. There’s no caking, no pulling of eyelids, and no prying out dried lumps from brush bristles. 

                                                                                                   Photo Credit: Jill Stuart Beauty

Jelly Eye Colour N (S$38.90 for 6g)

These pots of singular color are great for eye color that you use often. You want them long-lasting and you want them pretty. Jill Jelly Eye Color does that. We personally have pots of this in Diamond Snow and Gold Light that we use as a highlighter on our eyes.

Jewel Crystal Eyes N (S$84.50 for 8g)

Sparkles. They are what Jill Stuart’s eyeshadow palettes (see bottom left) are about. Each color in the quad sets sport shimmering sparkles. They brighten your eyes and make them sparkle a little more. Fine in texture, the eyeshadows make for easy blending to give out your eyes. Use the lightest color on the left of the palette on your brow bone or your entire eyelid. Layer the color of your choice nearer your lashes to give depth to your gaze.

Photo Credit: Jill Stuart Beauty

Nail Lacquer R

Pastel hues, fun colors and popping tints in these pretty bottles (see above right) glide smoothly on our nails, giving a uniform finish without that unsightly streakiness. Its quick drying formula means you can layer light colors till you achieve the hue intensity that you desire without having to wait till the cows come home.

Photo Credit: Jill Stuart Beauty

Yes, we love pretty things. Especially when they are sitting on the dressing table of our boudoir. They make us feel like a princess, even if it’s for that brief moment of dressing up or touching up our makeup.

Not retailing yet in the beauty halls of Singapore, we are relieved to find Jill Stuart cosmetics, skin care, body care and perfumes on Best Buy World. We can now replenish our stash without having to fly all the way to other countries to get them, or begging our friends to scour unfamiliar lands to buy us our supplies.



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WEEK 1 : 6 March to 12 March 2014

Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact #01 Baby Berry (worth S$71.90)

WINNER: Eilyn Lim


WEEK 2 : 13 March to 19 March 2014

Jill Stuart Lasting Gel Eyeliner N #01 Black Cat (worth S$48)

WINNER: Grace Lee


WEEK 3 : 20 March to 26 March 2014

Jill Stuart Lip Colour Palette (worth S$68.90)



WEEK 4 : 27 March to 2 April 2014

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes N #02 Pink Cameo (worth S$84.50)



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