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Friday, 07 March 2014 10:39

Fortify Your Lashes

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Top 3 eyelash serums and tonics that
protect and strengthen.

We do many things to our lashes - curl, crimp, apply coats of mascara, put on false eyelashes, and cleanse with eye makeup remover. Not including the other bolder measures like tinting, perming, tying, extensions and transplants, these are just some of the everyday things we do to “open up” our smaller Asian eyes, look more awake, and enhance the windows to our souls.

As we make our lashes longer and thicker with cosmetics, we forget that they, like the hair follicles on our heads, also require TLC. The occasional rough treatment of our lashes makes them weak and brittle. The way we treat our lashes makes one think that they are going to last forever, which isn’t the case, of course.

To protect and strengthen lashes, we recommend applying eyelash serums. There are several choices available over the counter, so there really is no excuse to continue neglecting them.

Here are our top 3 picks, in no particular order.



Talika Lipocils Expert (S$75 for 10ml)

Hailing from Paris, Talika have been doing eyelash care since 1948. While pricier than most, the results do speak for themselves. Lashes look thicker and denser with their formula of Nettle Extract, anti-aging peptides and silk proteins. Talika claims that with the use of Lipocils Expert, eyelashes grow an extra 2.4mm on average in 28 days, are 36% longer, 50% darker and 50% curlier, based on a clinical trial conducted on 30 volunteers by researchers from Paris hospitals.




DHC Eyelash Tonic (S$27.50 for 6.5ml)

A lightweight conditioning gel that nourishes and moisturizes lashes with aloe, watercress and comfrey. Lashes become stronger, less brittle and less prone to breakage. There is no noticeable increase in length, but lashes do appear fuller with the application of mascara if you apply this eyelash tonic as a base coat. Made from botanicals with no added fragrance or colour, it is also gentle and suitable for sensitive eyes.




Avancé Lash Serum EX (S$39.90 for 7ml)

A Beauty-Pati favourite, and we're happy to report that it's available on our island! Don't be put off by the compact size, as one bottle lasts for months, even up to a year. Plus, it's purse-friendly. Eyelashes appear longer and thicker with its formulation of panthothenic acid derivative and photosensitive pigment, which are said to encourage blood circulation at the lash roots and guard against lash loss. Carrot extract and chitin liquid moisturizers work to nourish lash tips and prevent brittleness.


All 3 eyelash serums and tonics can be applied under mascara, or as a night treatment. Remember to allow them to be absorbed before doing your eye makeup, or touching anywhere near the lash line. Applying eyelash serums prior to eye makeup can also help mascara to be applied more smoothly. As a night treatment, it helps to protect, strengthen and lengthen your natural lashes. With that in mind, there really is no reason not to start including this in your beauty regimen today.


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