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Thursday, 04 February 2016 11:44

8 Strangest Japanese Beauty Gadgets (You Can Actually Buy)

Written by  Cheryl Mah
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Beauty is a big thing in Japan. It seems like everyone there is always striving to look beautiful and they would even take it to the extreme. Since plastic surgery is too expensive, there can only be one other way to help them attain perfection in their appearance - beauty gadgets.

Here are some of the weirdest beauty gadgets invented by the Japanese (and yes, you can actually buy them!):

Brow Stretcher

There’s no need to worry about developing wrinkles while you’re asleep! Just wrap this band around your head before you go to bed. This gadget stretches out the skin around your brow area and fights against wrinkles. The brow stretcher is made up of silicone and hyaluronan compound materials to also provide support to your face and moisturise your skin.

Anti-Aging Face Stretcher

Combat the signs of aging by putting on this face stretcher. This mask pulls on your skin and muscles to tighten up your face and its face sauna design makes you sweat though your face so that you have a more youthful appearance. You only need to put it on for 10 minutes a day and it’s convenient to use in the shower too!

Body Hair Thinner

Guys, want to keep your body hair but keep getting bugged by your wife or girlfriend to remove them? Well here’s a compromise - the body hair thinner will help you thin out your hair so you can keep some hair instead of having to shave off everything! Just run this comb through your body hair to thin them down to a more manageable amount.

Electric Nose Straightener

Why go for a rhinoplasty when all you need to re-shape your nose is to buy an electric nose straightener? All you have to do is put this gadget over your nose for 3 minutes each day and let it do the job! The gentle vibrations from the nose straightener will help to raise and adjust the shape of your nose, so you can look forward to a prettier and straighter sniffer!

Bust Shaping Hand

No woman wants to have a saggy bust. Treat the gadget as your personal breast sculptor and allow it to give you a ‘helping hand’! Put the hand massager around your back and push the muscles forward to your bust and lift it up. This action will help to shape, tone and lift your bust into a better form.

Chest Muscle Shirt

Want to look muscular, but without the hassle of actually exercising at the gym? Sure you can! Simply put on the chest muscle shirt under your usual clothes and it can give you an instant bodybuilder physique. Integrated with six built-in “muscle” points, this shirt will give the appearance that your chest, shoulders and back are more bulky and muscular than they really are.

Tongue Exercising Mouthpiece

Apparently, another way you can fight the signs of aging is by exercising the area around your mouth. Slide this silicon mouthpiece around your lips and use your tongue to touch each of the nine precisely located bumps around the mouthpiece.  This motion will force your jaw and mouth to move and lift your saggy cheeks up to their original youthful position.

Bum Shaping Chair Cushion

Made of plush foam, this cushion is designed for maximum comfort while helping you to correct and maintain the correct posture while sitting. This way, your spine and pelvis will be properly aligned. Sit on it long enough and you can expect to develop taut buttock muscles and a shapely

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