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Monday, 16 November 2015 17:26

[Advertorial] 5 Japanese Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life

Written by  Cheryl Mah
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Many women (and men!) in Japan have beautiful skin that a lot of us envy. With their daily busy working lifestyle, how do they maintain such youthful, glowy skin?

Well, as most of us know, Japan is a country known for its technological advances and innovation so of course, it’s no surprise that they apply these to creating their beauty products too! We found 5 amazing beauty products newly arrived in Singapore from Japan, and trust us – these will definitely change your life for the better!

Hot Cleansing Gel by maNara
maNara is a very established brand in Japan that’s even been endorsed by bloggers Qiu Qiu and Cheesie. Their most popular products include the Teppen Spa Shampoo and BB Liquid Bar (another unique invention, we think!), but their bestseller is the Hot Cleansing Gel.

Other than being a cleanser, it also functions as a makeup remover, so you only need to use this Hot Cleansing Gel to remove your makeup and clean your face. The “hot” function is really just a gently warm sensation on your skin that enables your facial pores to open up so that the gel can clean any dirt, blackheads or dead skin from the depths of your skin. Better yet, the gel also moisturises your skin while it cleans!

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Placenta Extract by BB Laboratories
Known as the source of life, placentas are a treasure house of nutrition that can revitalise and nourish the skin. The placenta in this product is harvested from top-quality sows raised on contracted Japanese farms which are thoroughly controlled for hygiene by human beings, not machines.

Marketed as a simple skincare, all you need to do is wash your face and then massage a small amount gently into your face. If going to the dermatologist regularly to treat your skin problems is not something you wish to do, then try the Placenta Extract – especially if your skin is rough, dull and damaged or dry.

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BB Creams by Ce’Parfait
Ce’Parfait BB Creams’ tagline “Skincare as you wear” says it all.  Highly raved about by famous Japanese celebrities like Megbaby and Yu Yamada (just to name a few), Ce’Parfait has two types of BB Creams – The Brightener (focuses on giving you more radiant skin) and The Protector (focuses on protecting your skin from the sun).

Using a non-chemical formula and containing plant extracts, these BB creams promise to eliminate further stress on the skin caused by the usual heavy, sticky formulas. It’s waterproof, long-lasting, moisturising, and also upholds the highest UV protection standards in Japan (up to SPF50/PA++++).

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Venus Collagen
Venus Collagen is a beauty health supplement that promotes younger-looking and more beautiful skin. Power-packed with 7 ingredients necessary for collagen generation such as Vitamin C, this beauty supplement is different from other collagen drinks as it contains Dermatan Sulfate, a precious and expensive ingredient known to keep the skin tight and firm as well as protect it from UV rays and drain blemishes early.

Venus Collagen comes in packets of 8 tiny tablets which you can eat every day after dinner. Being so small due to their small molecular collagens, they can easily penetrate into your system and work faster and efficiently on repairing your skin – as they say, you can “experience the difference in 7 days”!

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Surusuru Poncha
This is not exactly a beauty product, but Surusuru Poncha is the latest all-natural detox tea to hit the shores of Singapore (all the fans of teatox rejoice!). An organic tea from Japan, Surusuru Poncha is a blend of 25 carefully-selected tea leaves that helps with detox, aiding digestion, dieting, and even relieving bloated tummies and serious constipation.

It’s easy to prepare because you only need to drop the tea bag into boiled water and pretty delicious to drink (it tastes especially refreshing if you cool it in the fridge first). There are no chemicals, no laxatives and no additives in the tea – because each type of tea leaf in the tea has their own natural medicinal functions!

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