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Tuesday, 08 September 2015 18:55

Look Naturally Flawless With Makeup

Written by  Cheryl Mah
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In the past, we had to put on tons of makeup in order to look good. Oftentimes, these layers would start to melt in the hot sun and we’d look terrible if we didn’t bother to do a touch-up once every 2 to 3 hours. Those with dry or oily skin would suffer the most when their makeup seeped into the cracks of the skin and creased, or when their skin couldn’t breathe through the thick layers and start to overproduce oil and shine.

Instead of looking extremely made up these days, we’ve started to embrace a natural makeup look. But how do you cover up your facial imperfections and still look natural?

HD makeup and how it came about

With the evolution of High Definition (HD) technology for televisions and camera, viewers got to enjoy larger images with 2 to 5 times the resolution compared to the previous analog version. While appealing to consumers, this meant that everything showed up larger and in more vivid detail, especially skin flaws such as blemishes, wrinkles, pimples and dark circles! On top of that, if you wore too much makeup to cover your imperfections, HD camera lenses could expose that.

This posed a huge challenge to makeup artists and in response, makeup manufacturers decided to create HD makeup.

HD makeup vs regular makeup

While initially created for celebrities so they can continue to look good on the screens and across magazines, High-Definition makeup is now readily available to the rest of us.

These HD cosmetics were designed to hide wrinkles, creases and blemishes without a person’s makeup looking cakey. They have a sheer formula that can hide uneven skin tones, and contain light reflectors and other ingredients to make our skin appear flawless, even and natural. Some makeup manufacturers have taken an additional step by including mattifying and moisturising ingredients to prevent oily complexions from getting shiny and ensuring that makeup does not crease on dry complexions.

Cosmetic brands with HD makeup

Make Up For Ever is most known for having a range of HD makeup, and they have recently developed Ultra HD foundations too. Estee Lauder, DIOR, Stila, Smashbox Cosmetics and Revlon are among some of the many brands that sell HD makeup.

Go forth and look flawless

With HD makeup selling in so many stores these days, there is no reason why you should worry so much about your imperfections turning up in photos or pile on layers of makeup to cover up your flaws. Just head out to a proper makeup store and you’ll find what you need there!

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