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Monday, 07 April 2014 00:00

LUNAMER - Say Goodbye to Dull Skin

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We have 3 sets of LUNAMER Trial Kit (U.P S$32) to give away!

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Draw ends 13 April 2014.

Tracy Chua reviews Lunamer - a brightening skincare range from Japan, developed by FUJIFILM.

We know how stressful all this juggling between family, work and social life can be. Late nights, irregular hours of eating, bad diet, lack of sleep and environmental impurities are bound to show up in our system and our skin.

We have seen many busy career women and even youths with dull, dry yellowish complexions that would do a haystack proud. Most of us have been on that path - what with the unceasing demands at work and life’s many, many commitments.

So, how do we look fresh as an apple and give the impression that we’ve got it all under control, especially our skin? We took the Lunamer 4-Piece Trial Kit (S$32) of Clear Wash (15g), Brightener (20ml), Lotion (30ml) and Emulsion (20ml) for a test run.



Clear Wash

Start by ridding skin of clogged dirt and unflattering sebum with a good wash. Containing fruit acid to remove aged keratin, and Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract - effective for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-allergen properties - the Wash foams gently on the face, with a light citrus fragrance. Its Nano Vitamin A helps alleviate skin roughness and the appearance of wrinkles, while its Nano Vitamin E bolsters the skin’s UV defense.

Lunamer Clear Wash (100g) retails at S$30.



To be applied immediately after the face wash, before lotion or toner, Lunamer Brightener purifies skin to reveal a smoother complexion with its fruit acid, clear Nano Vitamin E and Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract. Clear Nano Vitamin E is said to be 8 times more effective than your normal Vitamin E as it penetrates deeper, and is 70 times more powerful than Vitamin C in its anti-inflammatory effects.

Apply this beauty essence all over your face, paying special attention to problem areas where dull skin tends to congregate - around the nose area, the lip edges, the apple of your cheeks and along the jawline. With this removal of dead skin cells and aged keratin, it allows your skin to breathe better, look more translucent, and absorb what comes next in your skincare. At the same time, its Nano Vitamin A and curcumin promotes blood circulation and the regeneration of new skin cells. After a week’s usage, we love the compliments of how we seem to look brighter and essentially, glowing!

Lunamer Brightener (100ml) retails at S$60.


Lotion I

Now that you have zapped dead dull skin, it's time to prep with this refreshing Lotion. In the trial pack, you receive Lotion I for normal skin, which delivers light moisture to your skin’s corneal layer. Opt for Lotion II if you have dry skin.

Lunamer Lotion (145ml) retails at S$36.


Emulsion I

A light moisturizer good for daily use, Lunamer Emulsion feels light on the skin as it softens and hydrates to give a supple and luminous look. If you have combination skin, apply less on your T-zone and more to your cheeks. For dry skin, opt for Emulsion II; normal skin can go for Emulsion I. Both contain the rejuvenating goodness of clear Nano Vitamin E, Nano Vitamin A, Curcumin, Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract and seaweed extract.

Lunamer Emulsion (100ml) retails at S$40.


Lunamer Skincare Line



Worth the try. The Lunamer Skincare range is tailored for ladies in their 20s to 30s, and busy career women who are prone to irregular meals, unhealthy diets and erratic sleeping hours - all contributors to dull, yellow skin. It’s important to regularly refresh our complexions by removing dead skin cells and keratin build-up, for a more luminous visage to emerge. The Lunamer Skincare range definitely helps in doing this.


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